Victoria Beckham’s eldest son expressed disdain for the family

Victoria Beckham's eldest son expressed disdain for the family 1

The tension in the relationship of 23-year-old Brooklyn, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, with his mother continues to grow. This time the reason was the demonstrative silence with which the firstborn of the famous couple met the long-awaited debut on the stage of his younger brother Cruz. The entire star family does not hide their delight in this event, and Brooklyn simply ignored Cruz’s achievement.

Victoria Beckham's eldest son expressed disdain for the family 3
Victoria Beckham with her eldest son Brooklyn

As the publication reports Nicola Peltz’s new husband did not support his 17-year-old brother in any way. After Cruz posted a video of his speech on a social network, his mother was the first to react, of course. As a comment, she posted her enthusiastic “wow” under the video, demonstrating her admiration. And she added that they were all extremely proud of their son’s success. The father of the debutant also reacted almost immediately — with a joking comment: he called the cute Cruz a “handsome heartthrob.”

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Note that the whole family actively supports the achievements of 19-year-old Romeo, who became a professional football player. So, recently, 47-year-old David, along with Cruz, were not too lazy to fly to a match in Miami, where a young man was playing. However, Brooklyn does not respond in any way to the successes of the middle brother. The most condescending fans justify him by saying that he is just very busy with family chores after getting married. However, they cannot deny the fact that after marrying Nicola and moving to America, Brooklyn noticeably distanced himself from his family. It got to the point that after that he practically stopped communicating with his mother Victoria. For which many fans condemn him.

Victoria Beckham's eldest son expressed disdain for the family 5
David and Victoria Beckham with son Brooklyn

As for the haters, and Brooklyn has a lot of them, they explain his behavior not only by the fact that he took Nicola’s side in her conflict with Victoria but also by envy of the brothers’ successes. After all, the achievements of Brooklyn himself, who is mastering the profession of “wannabe-chef”, are still not impressive to everyone. The eldest son of the star couple is regularly ridiculed online for his culinary experiments. Recently, he was criticized for the fact that his latest “masterpiece” — pizza, the preparation of which he demonstrated on his TV show, was clearly not baked enough. For which he was “rewarded” with numerous snide comments.