Editorial Principles

Editorial Principles 1

Our editorial staff has always been guided by the principles and rules of honest, critical, and independent journalism in their work. We are responsible for the accuracy of the information distributed by our publication.

We always strive to cover events accurately and truthfully.

Accuracy is more important to us than speed. The information that we distribute in the news block must have solid evidence obtained from reliable sources, it must be carefully checked before publication.

At the same time, we publish not only what corresponds to the position of the editorial board. We respect the diversity of opinions.

We strive to reflect all relevant opinions, including those due to conflicts of different points of view. What is more serious than the criticism or accusations that we report, is our obligation to provide a right of reply. We are open and ready for a broad discussion and a comprehensive discussion of the materials published on the VNK News website.

In our work, we are guided by the public interest.

When publishing high-profile information, we always proceed from the position of public interest and take into account whether someone is misleading the public by hiding important facts.

We respect your privacy.

We respect the principle of privacy and do not violate it without sufficient justification, but we take into account that the public interest has the highest priority. When deciding whether to publish data about a public person, we are looking for a balance between public interest and respect for privacy.

We guarantee the anonymity of the source of information, when necessary.

We respect our sources of information. The sources of information to which we have promised confidentiality remain protected under all conditions. But if possible, the sources of information should be specified as accurately as possible, so that the reader can determine the reliability of the origin of the information.

We stand for the protection of human rights.

We do not tolerate biased or derogatory statements regarding the race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or physical or mental illness of any person.

We value and protect our independence.