Privacy Policy

We strive to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data and provide you with a positive experience from visiting our site. This document describes the methods of processing personal data that we adhere to in relation to all users of this site.

In order to implement the above, the administration offers you an appropriate policy in the field of personal data (a detailed description of how the process of processing your personal data takes place when visiting the site at:

Collection and use of personal data

When the user uses the site’s services, the Administration collects and processes user data, namely:

  • data provided by the user both filling out the registration form;
  • cookies;
  • IP addresses;
  • parameters and settings of internet browsers.

The administration collects only those personal data (your login and password, email address) that are knowingly and voluntarily provided by the subject of personal data for the purpose of using the latter’s preferred services for the provision of the site.

When you visit the site, all logins to your account are recorded. Other information about user traffic is not processed or stored.

Please note: the administration is limited to collecting a minimum amount of information, which is necessary exclusively to fulfill the request of the personal data subject. In each case, when additional information is requested, the personal data subject will be notified at the time of collecting such information.

This website contains links provided by Google through its advertising. (Google’s policy regarding the information provided by their Ads on this website ). Ads shown to visitors from EU member states are not personalized ads.

Also, the site contains links to other sites (the primary sources of information) that are not owned or controlled by us, and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites.

The administration collects data on on-site visit statistics through Google Analytics. The data may contain information about the user’s connection, traffic, browser, as well as the date, time, duration of internet access and stay on the site. If you want to opt out, Google Analytics has an add-on for the browser “Disable“.

No personal data is collected under any circumstances.


Your California Privacy Rights

Last Modified: 07/15/2021

This notice to California residents is provided under California law, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, Cal. Civ. Code 1798.100, et seq. This notice supplements our Privacy Policy by explaining your privacy rights if you are a California resident, providing our notice at collection, and providing certain mandated disclosures about our treatment of California residents’ information, both online and offline.


Notice to UK & EU Residents: If you are an EU or UK resident, you may have certain additional privacy rights.


The site administration has signed an Amendment on data processing in accordance with European privacy laws.

The policy does not apply to third-party sites accessible via external links. The processing of users’ personal data will take place in accordance with applicable law, with particular reference to EU Regulation 2016/679.

If there are any violations you have a right to lodge a complaint with your local Data Protection Supervisory Authority or with the UK Information Commissioner–≤ Office:

Period of storage of personal data

Personal data is stored for a period of no more than necessary in accordance with the purpose of their processing.

After the subject of personal data ceases to be a user of the site by deleting his account on the site, his personal data is also automatically deleted.


Cookies are small text files that the browser can write data received from the server to. When you go to the site page, the server can read the information contained in the “cookie”. In particular,” Cookies ” can be used to store information about registration on the site or a certain area, so that the user does not need to re-enter it on subsequent visits to such a site or its area.

At the same time, “Cookies” technologies allow you to make the user’s use of the site’s services safe (for example, using the login confirmation function, the administration can block and request additional information from a user who tries to log in to the account using a web browser that the user has not previously used).

In addition, Cookies allow you to track violations of the Privacy Policy and agreements on the use of the site by users or devices.

If the user for some reason does not want these services to have access to their personal data, the user can log out of their account, Clear “Cookies” (through their browser). Information on cookies can be found on the website

Personal data protection

The administration uses generally accepted standards of technological and Operational Protection of information and personal data from loss, misuse, modification, or destruction. However, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee absolute protection against any threats that arise outside the administration.

However, the administration ensures that all relevant confidentiality obligations are applied, as well as technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal disclosure or processing of such information and data, their accidental loss, destruction, or damage.

The site administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy.

The new Privacy Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the site unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Privacy Policy.

Any suggestions or questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be reported

Last Modified: February 14, 2022