UK tabloids have removed articles about a possible romance between Prince William and Rose Hanbury

UK tabloids have removed articles about a possible romance between Prince William and Rose Hanbury 1
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News about the alleged affair between Prince William and aristocrat Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and their possible illegitimate child has disappeared from British media according to the New York Vulture.

Even tabloids that rarely make any concessions (the same Prince Harry has repeatedly and not very successfully sued them) — such as the Daily Mail, Mirror, Sun, Daily Express, Guardian, and others — have removed mentions of these rumors. However, these news pieces have not vanished without a trace everywhere: in many places, there are notices stating that the information was removed upon request.

Rumors about the affair between the British heir and Hanbury have been circulating for a long time, but they gained momentum in the spring when Princess of Wales Kate Middleton suddenly disappeared from the public eye under the pretext of recovering from surgery. Several photos were published online that users considered to be fake.

At that time, numerous conspiracy theories went viral, including versions that Kate had died. But the most popular story was that Prince William allegedly cheated on his wife with Rose Hanbury and that they even had an illegitimate child.

Rose herself has been married for many years to David George Philip (rumor has it that this marriage cannot be called happy), who is more than 20 years older than her and has three children. The eldest are two twin brothers, one of whom will inherit the title of Marquess of Cholmondeley. It was Rose’s pregnancy, during which she was pursuing a modeling career, that prompted the wedding.

Rose, who was a regular feature in society columns, was quite close friends with Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, at some point, their friendship ended: Kate and Rose stopped communicating, and rumors of their conflict began to circulate in the Palace.

Such reports also appeared in the media. For instance, the news was published by Tatler Magazine, which later removed it at the Palace’s request. Lawyers representing the Royal Family’s interests stated that all of this was “categorically false.” The Daily Mail reported that the Royal Family had the final say.

It was Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose that supposedly caused Kate to stop appearing in public during the winter. According to the Britons, Kate couldn’t bear the betrayal. Moreover, rumors suggest that the mistress had a child with the Prince, which completely “crushed” Kate. Let’s recall that Kate and William have three children: George, Charlotte, and Louis.

The constant conspiracy theories and rumors eventually forced Kate Middleton to announce that she had cancer, and not long ago she finally appeared in public. Despite this, online discussions continue about the fact that the relationships within the Royal Family are not as smooth as they appear.