Meghan Markle’s new interview angered the British

Meghan Markle's new interview angered the British 1

Meghan Markle can’t calm down: the other day she gave a new interview to the publication “The Cut”, which angered the British. And the Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer — one of the regular commentators on the topic of the Royal Family — noticed that Markle, unfortunately, does not draw any conclusions from his previous mistakes. For example, the Duchess, who constantly complains about being bullied online, constantly does everything so that the number of her haters only increases. This was reported by the publication on Page Six.

In her interview, Meghan, who announced that she was allegedly working to “forgive the royal family,” repeated previous claims against Elizabeth’s relatives. However, she has now added new attacks and “revelations” to them. So, Markle claims that Harry now, after moving to America, believes “that he no longer has a father”.

“Harry told me he lost his father in this process… It was his decision,”

— the Duchess said, referring to her personal experience. After all, she had repeatedly publicly said that she had “lost her father”. Which each time caused offense and indignation of Thomas Markle, who, although he is by no means in the best state of health, is still alive.

Having made this provocative statement about Prince Charles, Meghan went on the attack the British in general. She stated that they were all unworthy of her sharing anything with them since in the past they allegedly insulted her by publicly “rewarding” the Duchess for being half African-American with a word considered obscene. As Meghan stated, she would never share photos of her children with them.

Note that Markle has never mentioned such incidents before. It was not known about them from other sources. Most likely, she just decided to develop a topic that for the first time, with great benefit for herself, she touched on in a scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey. Then Meghan said that someone from Elizabeth’s family expressed concern that her son’s skin color would be too dark. This, as you know, caused a wave of indignation in the United States at that time and contributed to the growth of the popularity of Prince Harry’s wife in this country.