Why did Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone Break Up?

Why did Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone Break Up? 1

47-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio has confirmed his reputation as an incorrigible eternal bachelor. As it became known, he left his girlfriend Camila Morrone, whom everyone was sure he was going to marry. One of the first that the couple break up reported the publication People.

However, rumors that Leonardo and Camila are no longer together began to spread back in June. Then DeuxMoi, a page in a popular social network specializing in gossip about stars, reported from the words of a “reliable source” that the actor’s affair with a young girlfriend was in the past.

Moreover, last month another publication, New Idea, referring to its informant, also reported on the separation of Leonardo and Camila. Moreover, the source claimed that DiCaprio was spotted in one of the nightclubs in New York flirting with another young beauty – Gigi Hadid. And it seemed quite logical to many because Leonardo has long proved that he has a weakness for models. It is enough to recall his numerous exes – Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Nina Agdal, who, as you know, also had a career in the modeling business. Not to mention the fact that Camila combined the professions of an actress and a model.

Morrone and DiCaprio were last seen together in early July — first in California, and then in France. The two of them never appeared anywhere else, although Leonardo visited many events and Hollywood hangouts during this time.

Recall that DiCaprio first appeared in public with Morrone, the daughter of his friend Al Pacino’s ex-girlfriend Lucila Sola, in January 2018. Then he took her to a ski resort in Aspen, where he introduced her to his friends. Since then, they have been almost inseparable. And in December 2020, a rumor spread that the actor moved in with his girlfriend. Leonardo introduced her to his parents, and they even had a family vacation together in Italy. It seemed that the wedding was imminent. But no, DiCaprio again did not want to part with freedom. What was the immediate reason that forced the actor to leave his girlfriend right now is not officially reported.

But, according to Leonardo’s friends, in recent years he has not been having affairs with girls over the age of 25. And Camila just turned 25 in June of this year.

That is, it turns out that she has become “too old” for DiCaprio.