Meghan Markle has found a new reason to reproach the Royal Family

Meghan Markle has found a new reason to reproach the Royal Family 1

Meghan Markle has finally released a new podcast from her long-promised series. As the Duchess announced, in her podcasts she intends to “explore” the topic of motherhood in conversations with her famous friends and other stars. This was reported by the publication New Idea.

Meghan invited her longtime friend, tennis player Serena Williams, as a guest to the first edition of the podcast that was released recently. And during their conversation, Markle told a story that horrified her at the time from the experience of her own motherhood. The incident described by Meghan happened a long time ago — three years ago. Markle, who had already become Harry’s wife and had a child, but had not yet announced her withdrawal from the royal family, went with her husband on an official tour to South Africa. Moreover, Meghan and Harry took their then 4.5-month-old son Archie with them.

And so, shortly after arriving, leaving their son with nanny Lauren, they went to the event. But when it was over and the Prince and the Duchess got into the car, they were informed that in their absence there had been an incident in the house — a fire. And it happened not somewhere but in the bedroom of their baby. Meghan was horrified, although Archie, as she was assured, was not injured. As a matter of fact, by coincidence, he was not even in the room at the time of the fire.

When Markle and her husband returned to the house, they found out that Archie was unharmed thanks to his nanny. The fact is that Lauren, originally from Zimbabwe, carried the baby tied with a wide strip of fabric to her back, as African women usually do. When it was time to put the child in the crib to sleep, she suddenly felt very hungry and decided to go downstairs to have a quick snack, and then arrange for Archie to rest. And while she was eating–with Meghan’s son strapped to her back–a heater flared up in the boy’s bedroom. Apparently, there was a short circuit. And since there was no smoke detector in the house, no one knew that a fire was burning in the room. And only when someone noticed the smoke coming out of the room, the fire was detected and extinguished.

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But perhaps the most terrible thing for her, as Markle said, was that just a few hours after the shock she suffered, she and Harry had to go to another event. In Meghan’s opinion, she should have been excused from the events, but this did not happen. Because of this Meghan burst into a whole speech about the inhumanity of the royal protocol.