Parents have started… pick up your children from the school that Kate Middleton’s children will go to

Parents have started… pick up your children from the school that Kate Middleton's children will go to 1

The other day, the official representative of Kensington Palace made a statement in which he said that since the fall of this year, the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton will no longer attend Thomas’s Battersea School, which has managed to become famous thanks to its titled students. On behalf of the Prince and the Duchess, the representative expressed their sincere gratitude to the institution where the heirs of William and Kate studied. And announced that the prince and Princess will go to another educational institution — Lambrook School. However, although the management of Lambrook School expressed their joy over the Prince’s decision with the Duchess, the parents started… pick up your kids from this school. This was reported by the publication

As it turned out, this school, located in Berkshire, was most appreciated for its calm, free atmosphere, thanks to which students were not exposed to the danger of stress. And now, with the advent of royal children, the school will automatically attract everyone’s attention. And it is impossible to avoid the appearance of reporters who may disturb children. So many decided to move their offspring to some quieter place.

But Kate and William and their children are very happy about the transition to a new school. No matter how many paparazzi run into the neighborhood of their new place of study, it will definitely not be worse for them than in London. Now the children of the Prince and the Duchess will be able to enjoy everything that made Kate and William, who decided to leave Kensington Palace and move to Windsor, choose this place for them. First, it is very spacious here – the school is surrounded by an area of more than 20 hectares. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in those sports that are not available to London students.

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The school has a large football field and even a golf course. Here you can practice horse riding, horse polo, and even scuba diving in a huge indoor pool. There is a large garden and pets are kept here — from piglets and chickens to peacocks. There is even a small apiary. So the students can enjoy the proximity to nature. Not to mention the fact that the school is famous for very high standards of education. And all this will now be available not only to Kate and William’s eldest children, George and Charlotte but also to their youngest, 4—year-old son Louis, who will be able to attend a special class for preschoolers here.

It is curious that, as it turned out, these three are not the first royal children of those who happened to attend Lambrook School. Back in the XIX century, the grandchildren of Queen Victoria herself — Princes Albert and Christian — studied here. It is possible that this fact also influenced the decision of Kate and her husband to send their children to this school.