Incident at the wedding of Affleck and Lopez

Incident at the wedding of Affleck and Lopez 1

The “big wedding” of Affleck and Lopez, promised after their secret wedding in Las Vegas, was a success. However, not everything went smoothly. However, the scope of the three–day celebrations, for which several million dollars were spent, impressed even the seemingly accustomed guests – Hollywood celebrities. But among them were such stars of the first magnitude as Matt Damon, George Clooney, Jane Fonda, and Renee Zellweger. This was reported by the Mirror edition.

It was all very romantic. It was a “white wedding”, that is, not only the newlyweds, but all their guests were in white. The path along which Ben and Jennifer walked to the altar decorated with roses of the same color was also white. And they were accompanied by a gentle melody, which the invited pianist played on a dazzling white grand piano. The bride herself was incredibly beautiful in a Ralph Lauren dress — with meek sleeves, an open back, and a train almost seven meters long. Affleck also looked extremely imposing in a white tuxedo with black trousers.

Incident at the wedding of Affleck and Lopez 3

As for the guests, having accepted the dress code set by the hosts of the ceremony, some understood it in a peculiar way. So, some men were wearing white shorts or jeans with sneakers. And a number of ladies dressed in leather jackets with fringes — the same color were cowboy hats. The most conservative-minded guests were also shocked by how the children of Ben and Jennifer from their previous marriages dressed. So, of the three girls, only Violet, Affleck’s eldest daughter by Jennifer Garner, was wearing a dress. The two youngest — Emma, the twin sister of Lopez’s son Max, and 13-year-old Serafina – were dressed like boys in white pantsuits.

Incident at the wedding of Affleck and Lopez 5

But the greatest and by no means the most pleasant impression was made on everyone by the demonstrative absence of two guests at the ceremony. The groom’s brother Casey and Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner were invited to the wedding, but both did not deign to honor her with their presence. Moreover, Casey, who had previously been very friendly with Affleck, did not politely explain the reason for his absence. When asked by a reporter who wanted to know the reason for his decision, Casey replied that he had “enough other things to do.” And when another approached him, he said that he was “asleep” and rudely asked to leave him alone. Garner didn’t look much better either. Initially, she declined the invitation because she was supposedly going to be very busy on the set. However, on the day of the wedding, she defiantly went shopping in Los Angeles. Which didn’t look too pretty–considering how much effort Lopez put into establishing a good relationship with the mother of Affleck’s children.

However, these small scandalous details seemed a trifle compared to the incident that happened shortly before the ceremony almost jeopardizing its holding at all. Affleck’s mother, Christopher Ann Bold, managed to fall off a wooden platform on which tables were set up for guests, and severely injured her leg. The injury seemed so serious to everyone that an ambulance was called, which took the actor’s mother to a hospital located in the nearest city. While waiting for the mothers to help, Affleck nervously smoked at the door of this medical institution. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as Ben had feared. Christopher got stitches and let her go home. And the planned wedding went according to plan.