Elizabeth II’s granddaughter took a minimum-wage job

Elizabeth II's granddaughter took a minimum-wage job 1

The daughter of Elizabeth II’s youngest son Prince Edward intends to continue her studies at the prestigious St. Andrews University. Lady Louise Windsor has already passed the final exams for the highest score and applied to the university to pass the entrance tests there.

And now, instead of indulging in a carefree pastime, she decided to earn pocket money, as many young people in the UK do. Moreover, she got a job at the lowest paid and unskilled position in the garden center. There she stood behind the cash register several days a week, met and advised visitors, and even gladly undertook to transplant plants, not at all afraid of getting dirty in the ground.

For all this, the lady received 6.83 pounds per hour. At the same time, visitors and staff who happened to get to know Louise noted her modesty and benevolence in her treatment and diligence in carrying out assignments.

“Isn’t it wonderful that the Queen’s granddaughter rolled up her sleeves and got her hands dirty at a summer job before going to university—just like any other normal teenager?”

— the editor of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward admires the act of the royal granddaughter, in which there is absolutely no noble snobbery, in an interview with the Daily Mail.