Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce after four years of marriage | Rumors

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce after four years of marriage | Rumors 1
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Fans of the star of “Game of Thrones,” Sophie Turner, are saddened by the news of her personal life. As it has become known, 34-year-old Joe Jonas is hiring a divorce lawyer after four years of marriage to Sophie, according to People.

According to the informant, problems in their marriage began several months ago. Indirect confirmation of the insider’s claims came from the fact that, as the most attentive Turner fans have now noticed, in photos taken last month, Jonas was seen without a wedding ring.

And just yesterday, it was revealed that Joe had already consulted with several lawyers and hired one of them.

And it all started so promisingly… According to Sophie herself, she liked Joe even before they met for the first time. Initially, even before their first date, they began communicating on social media. But when he invited her on their first date, she still hesitated for a long time before agreeing. British-born Turner was not sure if she would connect with the American pop singer. However, from the very first minute of their meeting, she realized that her doubts were unfounded…

This date took place in the summer of 2016. And in October 2017, he proposed to her. Their wedding took place two years later. More precisely, they had two weddings. One was American, in the style of Las Vegas. And the second one was European, in the south of France.

A year after the wedding, the actress made her beloved one happy with their first child – a daughter named Willow. And two years later, Turner gave birth to another daughter, whose name they still haven’t disclosed.