Prosecutors ‘crushed’ Donald Trump’s claim of ‘absolute immunity’ from criminal prosecution

Prosecutors 'crushed' Donald Trump's claim of 'absolute immunity' from criminal prosecution 1
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On Thursday, in a legal filing, prosecutors examined the arguments put forth by Donald Trump that, as a former president, he enjoys “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution, while also comparing himself to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Reported by Politico.

This filing, meticulously prepared by Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team, directly refutes the former president’s argument that he should be granted “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution.

Trump’s attempt to evade federal charges stemming from his alleged endeavors to subvert the outcome of the 2020 election hinges on his assertion that these actions were within the purview of his official duties as President, tasked with safeguarding the electoral process.

However, prosecutors vehemently counter this claim, contending that any ploy to undermine the election outcome is fundamentally a political maneuver, a deliberate departure from the responsibilities inherent to the presidential role.

They openly challenge Trump’s audacious attempt “to draw a parallel between his efforts to overturn the results of an election that he lost and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and George Washington’s Farewell Address.” In their view, these comparisons simply do not hold water.

Moreover, prosecutors emphatically underscore a pivotal principle: Donald Trump is not immune to the law, regardless of his previous status as President.

They assert that he remains subject to federal criminal laws, emphasizing that no one, not even an Ex-President, stands above the reach of justice.

This legal filing underscores the determination to hold Trump accountable for his actions, irrespective of the lofty comparisons he may invoke.