Legal Proceedings: Prince Harry’s revelations in his memoirs could jeopardize his immigration status

Legal Proceedings: Prince Harry's revelations in his memoirs could jeopardize his immigration status 1
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Prince Harry’s recent statement about “considering the possibility” of obtaining US citizenship has encountered a legal hurdle – following his “revelations” in memoirs about past use of banned substances. Reported by Daily Express.

The Duke of Sussex’s candid admission of using prohibited substances could jeopardize his immigration status, leading to a legal inquiry regarding his visa application.

In a memoir, Prince Harry openly acknowledges his history of banned substance use, a disclosure that now casts a shadow over his American citizenship prospects.

The controversy revolves around whether he disclosed this information upon his entry to the US four years ago, as mandated by the Department of Homeland Security’s requirement to declare banned substances usage.

Legal proceedings initiated by a think-tank, the Heritage Foundation, seek access to Prince Harry’s immigration records to ascertain if he previously admitted to banned substances consumption. The outcome of this court case holds significant implications for his visa application status.

Representing the Heritage Foundation, the lawyer for the think-tank, Samuel Dewey underscores the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the potential repercussions for Prince Harry’s visa, which could face review or revocation.

Dewey suggests that if Prince Harry did acknowledge banned substances use upon entry, he would require a waiver to obtain or retain his visa, prompting inquiries into the granting of such waivers.

Conversely, the Department of Homeland Security contends that disclosing Prince Harry’s immigration records would violate his privacy rights, positioning itself in opposition to the release of such documents.

The mounting legal pressure has reportedly left Prince Harry and Meghan Markle anxious, with concerns escalating over the prospect of the Heritage Foundation prevailing in court.

Royal expert Tom Quinn notes the couple’s distress, highlighting their apprehension over the potential consequences of Prince Harry’s visa status being called into question.

Quinn notes that Prince Harry, “with his royal privileges,” didn’t even consider the potential consequences of his revelations about using banned substances – for his status in the USA, and underscored the seriousness of the situation he finds himself in now.