Donald Trump could ‘create problems’ for Prince Harry if re-elected — media

Donald Trump could 'create problems' for Prince Harry if re-elected — media 1
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Prince Harry betrayed the Queen. This was stated by US presidential candidate and former president Donald Trump in an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Express. Trump believes that the Royal Family is too lenient toward Harry, as does the current U.S. President Joe Biden. They allegedly behave generously.

Trump hinted that he might deport Prince Harry if re-elected.

“I will not defend him. He betrayed the Queen. This cannot be forgiven. If it were up to me, he would be on his own,” emphasized the politician.

The newspaper draws attention to the fact that all of this was said against the backdrop of a court hearing. Whether the Duke of Sussex lied about past banned substance use when applying for a U.S. visa.

According to The Daily Express, the court will have to determine whether the prince answered “no” to this question.

According to U.S. legislation, any person applying for a visa is obliged to answer the question about banned substance use. Those who use banned substances are denied entry into the country.

Trump’s comments at CPAC add to his history of outspokenness on matters concerning the Sussexes.

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump shared his perspective on the situation involving Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II. He criticized Megan for her ‘disrespectful’ attitude towards the Queen.

Trump also voiced objections to the couple receiving U.S. security upon their relocation, despite Queen Elizabeth’s insistence on ensuring their safety, as conveyed through her private secretary’s correspondence with U.K. officials.

Furthermore, he expressed astonishment that Prince Harry had received an invitation to the Coronation of Charles III, despite all the accusations made against the Royal Family.