Donald and Melania Trump’s Numerous Fights Outlined in New Book

Donald and Melania Trump’s Numerous Fights Outlined in New Book 1
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As revealed in Kate Rogers’ new book, between Donald and Melania Trump, despite their “ostensible public unity,” arguments quite often occurred during their time in the White House. Reported by The People.

In the book, based on interviews and insider information, their disagreements and quarrels on various issues are described, ranging from TV viewing to reacting to various crises.

While Melania tried to assert her preferences, like choosing furniture, Donald often overrode her choices. Despite this, Melania retained some independence, arranging her own space in the White House and also moving her parents over to be nearby.

One of the incidents described in the book tells of a quarrel that occurred on board Air Force One when Trump discovered Melania watching CNN, her favorite news channel, instead of his favorite, Fox News. The President immediately demanded that all televisions be tuned to Fox News.

In the most contentious issues, Melania took a different stance than her husband. For instance, during tragic events in Charlottesville or when over 200 football players knelt or sat during the national anthem, Melania adhered to her viewpoint.

Her public gestures, such as supportive tweets and occasionally “provocative” clothing choices, greatly irritated Donald, leading to confrontations.

Rogers suggests that amidst Trump’s provocative language, Melania emerged as a unique figure within the administration, seemingly inclined towards bridging cultural divides rather than exacerbating them.

During scandals like the Stormy Daniels affair, Melania showed her discontent by withdrawing from public appearances with her husband, conveying her anger privately.