Prince William is determined to prevent any attempts by Prince Harry to return to the Royal Family

Prince William is determined to prevent any attempts by Prince Harry to return to the Royal Family 1
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The ongoing rift between Prince Harry and William shows no signs of resolution. Recent reports from The Mirror indicate that Prince William remains steadfast in his decision not to permit his younger brother to resume his role as a senior member of the Royal Family.

According to sources, when Prince Harry learned about Charles III’s illness, he expressed a desire, albeit unofficially, to temporarily return to royal duties if asked, to support his father and mend family ties. However, Prince William vehemently opposed this notion.

A source close to the situation, speaking to The Mirror, stated, “If anyone is to take on additional responsibilities, it should be William himself. However, this matter is not currently under consideration. The Prince of Wales is prioritizing his father’s health, his family, and the well-being of the monarchy. The chances of Harry resuming any role are nonexistent.”

Despite hopes for reconciliation sparked by Prince Harry’s visit to the UK and his about 30 minutes total conversation with his father, indications suggest that improved relations are unlikely.

Sources within Buckingham Palace, as reported by The Sunday Telegraph, affirm that there is no path for Harry to return to royal duties.

This stance follows Harry’s recent interview on ABC, where he suggested that the King’s illness can help unite his family.

The terms established during the Sandringham Summit, outlining the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure from active royal duties, remain unchanged. Family members must either fully commit to their roles or withdraw entirely.

Furthermore, Prince William harbors deep distrust toward both his brother and Meghan Markle.

“It is unequivocally clear that William will not entertain Harry’s return. The possibility of Harry resuming any role is zero,” reiterated the insider.