Kate Middleton’s ability to ignore critics helped ‘to join’ the Royal Family — and Meghan did not work out that way | Opinion

Kate Middleton's ability to ignore critics helped 'to join' the Royal Family — and Meghan did not work out that way | Opinion 1

Today, Kate Middleton has a high approval rating, and it seems impossible to imagine a better future queen of Great Britain, but it wasn’t always like that… Royal author Tom Quinn has released a book “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family”. He revealed many secrets of the palace, for example, details about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s household nicknames, and even how their quarrels go.

It turned out that the Princess of Wales lovingly calls her husband “baldy,” – William’s hair has thinned, but Kate does not seek to offend him with this. The nickname is Middleton’s playful response to how her husband constantly notes her “endless mane of hair”, Fox News reported.

They have totally different approaches when they argue:

“Kate is very much the calm one,” said Quinn.

“William is the one who’s a bit hotheaded…but Kate is very level-headed.

Of course, privately, William and Kate, like all couples, quarrel, shout at each other and say unkind things to each other, but Kate is an appeaser by instinct, and William always gives in… he hates confrontation.”

Few remember now, but early in her life at the palace, Kate regularly encountered Media pressure. The British journalists were not at all thrilled that the wife of the heir to the throne was a representative of the “working class”, because Kate’s mother worked as a flight attendant, and her father was a pilot. The reporters expressed their claims about Kate’s origin without scruples and in the harshest form.

Kate, however, did not react in any way.

“Kate never answered. She didn’t complain. She did not write letters to the press and did not call the editorial office. Likewise, she didn’t say anything. And it was a good move. She showed how calm she was and didn’t make a fuss. And over time, all the attacks came to naught,” the book says.

Kate’s ability to ignore critics and at the same time maintain a “Buddhist calm” is part of her successful integration into the British Royal Family.

Meghan Markle, as you already know, could not demonstrate such restraint. Relations with the press did not work out for her either, but, unlike Kate, the American immediately rushed to sort things out with journalists, constantly complaining about them and asking for the protection of the palace. And there such an approach was clearly not appreciated, especially when Kate’s behavior in a similar situation was still fresh in memory.

And this comparison was clearly not in favor of Meghan Markle. As a result, Prince Harry’s wife never became “her own” in the palace, but Kate’s approach worked.