Meghan Markle is desperately trying to save her severely declining approval rating

Meghan Markle is desperately trying to save her severely declining approval rating 1

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had to deal with the side effect produced first by their documentary, released in December last year, and then also by Harry’s memoirs, which appeared in bookstores in January 2023. The Prince and Duchess did not expect that their own popularity would suffer as a result of constant attacks on the British Royal Family. Now even Meghan and Harry’s recent fans are criticizing them with might and main. So, another idea of Markle was criticized even before it came to its implementation.

As it became known last week, the Duchess decided to revive her blog The Tig, which was once popular with her fans. This was reported by the publication Express.

This blog is dedicated to lifestyle — travel, fashion, and cooking, which she closed back in 2017. Then there were rumors that she was asked to do so by members of the Royal Family, who decided that the future wife of the Prince was somehow not respectable to be a blogger. And until recently, Meghan didn’t seem to regret her decision.

But now she suddenly decided to revive her “brainchild” in an updated form. Moreover, it became known that she has already officially filed documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the registration of the blog.

Dan Wootton and Daily Telegraph columnist Celia Walden criticized Meghan Markle and said the former actress is desperate to stay relevant after relaunching her blog, The Tig.

Also, the other day, Meghan shared a ‘famous’ Lemon Olive Oil cake recipe in chef Jose Andres’ new cookbook. All proceeds from the upcoming cookbook will support World Central Kitchen’s emergency response efforts.

However, neither the prospect of “reanimating” the blog nor the demonstration of her culinary delights aroused any enthusiasm among netizens. Moreover, as one of them not too delicately remarked, “Meghan’s advice is not needed or interesting to anyone at all.”

As the fans decided, the Duchess decided to take up the old out of desperation. After all, if earlier she was disliked only by the Britons, offended by Markle for publicly discrediting members of the Royal Family, now Americans have fallen out of love with her. This is reported by The Express. According to numerous polls, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s approval ratings in the United States have plummeted in the past few months.