Emily Ratajkowski, amid rumors of an affair with Brad Pitt, moved out of her family home

Emily Ratajkowski, amid rumors of an affair with Brad Pitt, moved out of her family home 1

The sensational news that Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski had an affair leaked to the media recently. However, the events associated with the heroes of this story are developing in the most rapid way. There was information that the actress and model had already moved from the house in which until recently she lived with her husband, producer, and actor Sebastian Bear-McClard.

If earlier the husband of the model could hope that she would forgive him and return, now she has “burned all the bridges” with her move, confirming that she is not going to return. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Emily Ratajkowski, amid rumors of an affair with Brad Pitt, moved out of her family home 3

The other day, 31-year-old Emilia was spotted by photographers in the process of transporting her belongings – furniture, clothes, works of art, and other possessions. The paparazzi, who were watching what was happening, also managed to film the model’s girlfriend, who helped the celebrity with the move. It is worth noting that Emily decided to leave the family home less than a month after she broke up with Sebastian, the father of her only child. Now the spouses, who will soon become exes, will probably quarrel, seeking to share custody of their son Sylvester, who is now almost a year and a half old.

Recall that the separation from her husband, which became known last month, was the initiative of the actress. The celebrity filed for divorce from 41-year-old Bear-McClard after a four-year marriage. For fans, this event was a “thunderbolt out of a clear sky.” The reason for the separation, the star did not officially announce but hinted that her husband was unfaithful to her. Moreover, according to rumors, this happened more than once, and the infidelities were systematic. Note that not only the message about the separation but at one time the news about the marriage of Emily and Sebastian itself also came as a complete surprise to everyone. After all, in February 2018, the couple suddenly and to everyone’s surprise got married – just a few weeks after the beginning of the novel.

As for the new loud love story of Emily and Brad, the lovers are trying to keep its details secret for now. Nevertheless, there are rumors that the mutual sympathy between one of the main sex symbols of the planet and Ratajkowski began a few years ago when they were spotted flirting with each other at one of the parties after the Oscar ceremony. However, then everything was limited to this because Emilia was married. Well, now that both celebrities are free, their relationship can develop without any obstacles.