What is known about Madonna’s new novel?

What is known about Madonna's new novel? 1

64-year-old Madonna, despite her no longer young age, does not get tired of shocking the audience. The other day, the star was again in the spotlight, thanks to his new sensational novel. It became known that the star – a love story with a 23-year-old man!

According to the publication Mirror, the famous singer began dating Andrew Darnell, who works in the modeling business. The new lover of the star, who is more than 40 years younger than her, replaced the dancer Ahlamalik Williams — Madonna broke up with him this year. As for the star’s new favorite, she was seen with him, in particular, last weekend, which the sweet couple spent in each other’s company. They openly expressed their sympathy for each other in public: Madonna and her chosen one without any hesitation hugged in front of everyone. In addition, Madonna appeared with Darnell at the concert of the Nigerian artist REMA, which was held recently at Irving Plaza in New York. Moreover, the singer and her boyfriend did not limit themselves to a joint visit to the concert. According to eyewitnesses, after that, the couple was seen at the Mister French restaurant in Manhattan, where they had fun dancing and taking selfies all night.

Note that everyone got the opportunity to watch the first kiss of the “sweet couple” about a month ago — thanks to their joint shooting for the cover of Paper magazine. It is worth noting that that photo shoot was, of course, provocative, because in it the outrageous singer licked Darnell. But then some thought it was just another shocking publicity stunt by Madonna, and Andrew was just a participant in her project. However, it turned out that Darnell became her next boyfriend.

Recall that the previous love story of the star – with 28—year-old Ahlamalik — lasted for three years, despite the huge difference in their age. However, Andrew is even younger than his predecessor. And now the singer’s fans are wondering how long Darnell will last in the status of the scandalous star’s boyfriend.