Angelina Jolie has filed a new $250 million lawsuit against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has filed a new $250 million lawsuit against Brad Pitt 1

As it became known, the other day Angelina Jolie again sued Brad Pitt. She estimated her claims against her ex-spouse at a mind-boggling sum of $250 million. Worse, as follows from the fragments of her statement of claim that got into the Network, accusations against the actor can cause irreparable damage to Pitt’s reputation, both business and personal. Jolie’s lawsuit was reported on Page Six.

Angelina in her statement directly accused Brad of dishonest behavior. She claimed that Pitt had taken control of their once common property — the Chateau Miraval castle — and deprived her of the income she was supposed to receive. According to the actress, Brad, when their divorce was just beginning, concluded an agreement with her, according to which she had to deal with the affairs of their joint charitable foundation, and he, at his suggestion, took it upon himself to supervise the production of wine, based in the vineyards adjacent to the castle.

Angelina Jolie has filed a new $250 million lawsuit against Brad Pitt 3

However, Pitt, according to Jolie, completely seized control of both the wine production and the castle itself, depriving her of access to information about what is happening there. As a result, according to the actress, she completely lost the profits from the wine, which should have amounted to a multimillion-dollar sum. In addition, according to Jolie, Pitt also improperly handled the castle, spending millions on what she called projects that testify only to his vanity. So, Brad allegedly spent a million euros on the construction of a swimming pool and several more on the reconstruction of the stairs leading to the main entrance to the castle. According to Jolie, Pitt allegedly rebuilt this staircase 4 times, as he was dissatisfied with the result.

In addition, Angelina responded by attacking Pitt’s earlier lawsuit against her, in which he accused Jolie that she had no right to sell her share to an outsider. The actress said that she was forced to do this by the behavior of Brad himself. He allegedly agreed to buy out her share, but only on the condition that she signed a document on non-disclosure of the details of the story that led to their divorce. Jolie allegedly refused and as a result, sold her share to the liquor giant Stoli.