Nicolas Cage became a father of many children

Nicolas Cage became a father of many children 1

27-year-old Riko Shibata, the fifth wife of 58-year-old Nicolas Cage, made the actor happy with his third child, and this time the actor had a daughter. As confirmed by the official representative of the actor, Riko gave birth on Wednesday — in one of the hospitals in Los Angeles. Both the mother and her child are reportedly doing great. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

As it was announced, the baby was named August Francesca, providing her with a double surname — Coppola Cage. The girl received both her name and the first part of her surname in honor of the actor’s father, However, in his birth certificate, Nicolas himself was recorded as Coppola. However, he later officially changed his surname. The fact is that Cage wanted to achieve everything in Hollywood himself, and not “stick” to the fame of his uncle — the famous director Francis Coppola. Note that in the spring of this year, when Nicholas revealed in his interview that his wife was expecting a girl, he said that he was going to name her after John Lennon — Lenny. However, later Nicolas and his wife, the wedding with whom he played in February 2021, changed their decision. According to rumors, the planned option was not approved by Cage’s wife.

Even before the baby was born, Cage said that he was insanely glad that a girl would finally appear in his family.

“I am shocked and excited! Becoming the father of a girl will be the biggest and most wonderful adventure of my life!”

— he said in April. The actor’s stormy joy can be understood because so far Nicolas had only two sons. The eldest, Weston, was born more than 31 years ago by his girlfriend Christina Fulton. And the mother of the youngest, already 16-year-old Kal-El, named by the actor in honor of Superman, was his ex-wife Alice Kim. Alice was Cage’s third wife, and he was married to her from 2004 to 2016. And the actor’s first wife was actress Patricia Arquette. For the second time, he married the daughter of Elvis himself — Lisa Marie Presley. However, he put an end to this marriage only two years later the couple divorced. The fourth marriage was even shorter. Nicholas filed for divorce from Erica Koike just four days after the wedding.