Madonna broke up with a young boyfriend

Madonna broke up with a young boyfriend 3

63-year-old singer Madonna broke off her relationship with 28-year-old Ahlamalik Williams after three years of romance. This is reported by The Sun. A couple with a 35-year age difference started a relationship in 2019. Madonna periodically showed joint shots with her boyfriend on social networks. For several months now, rumors have been spreading among fans … Read more


Madonna got paired tattoos with her son

Madonna got paired tattoos with her son 5

Madonna continues to surprise her fans with her flamboyant acts. This time the diva visited a tattoo parlor – and not alone, but with her adopted 17-year-old son David. The singer has long been a follower of Kabbalists teachings, so the choice of tattoo fell on the Tree of Life – a popular symbol in … Read more


Madonna’s son became a cheerleader

Madonna's son became a cheerleader 7

The adopted son of the 63-year-old Madonna is professionally engaged in dancing and during a new performance became a cheerleader he put on a T-shirt and skirt adopted by cheerleaders and tied his hair in a comfortable hairstyle. According to Madonna, she was photographed with 16-year-old David during the bow. Singer Madonna posted a joint … Read more