Madonna’s son became a cheerleader

Madonna's son became a cheerleader 1

The adopted son of the 63-year-old Madonna is professionally engaged in dancing and during a new performance became a cheerleader he put on a T-shirt and skirt adopted by cheerleaders and tied his hair in a comfortable hairstyle. According to Madonna, she was photographed with 16-year-old David during the bow.

Singer Madonna posted a joint photo of her son David Banda on Instagram.

In September, when David celebrated his birthday, Madonna recalled how she met her son. “I can’t believe you’ve grown up like this. An artist. An athlete. Clear and charismatic. Who could have guessed when I met you in an orphanage in Malawi, drinking cola from a baby bottle, without diapers, that you would become such an element,” she wrote.

In total, Madonna has six children two by blood and four adopted.