Platell: Attempts to discredit Kate Middleton have failed, and her popularity continues to grow

Platell: Attempts to discredit Kate Middleton have failed, and her popularity continues to grow 1
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The more Omid Scobie, referred to as Meghan Markle’s official mouthpiece, attacks Kate Middleton, the more the British rally around the future Queen. Journalist Amanda Platell writes about this in her column for the Daily Mail.

She highlights the mystery surrounding how Scobie obtained the names allegedly mentioned in Meghan’s ‘private’ letter to Charles. Despite claims that neither Meghan nor her close circle provided the letter to Scobie, the names appeared in the Dutch translation of Scobie’s book, leading to speculation about how he acquired this information.

Scobie claims he never gave them these names, but Dutch translator Saskia Peeters asserts that the names were in the original manuscript she worked on.

Platell observes that attempts to discredit the Princess of Wales have failed while noting Meghan’s declining popularity in America. Last month, a Newsweek poll showed her rating dropped to +10, while Kate rose above her with +34.

She questions whether it’s coincidental that the latest version of Scobie’s book “viciously attacks” Kate and targets the King, knowing the sensitivity of the monarchy to such allegations. She wonders about the Sussexes’ relentless pursuit of revenge and their continual dismantling of the Royal Family.

Employing irony, Platell suggests that Meghan, aspiring to emulate Princess Diana, has instead become a mere ‘cardboard figure’ of her late mother-in-law. Finally, she asserts that the more Meghan and Scobie criticize Kate, the more the public cherishes and wants to safeguard the future Queen.

Platell’s analysis draws attention to the potential repercussions of Scobie’s allegations on public perception of the Royals, emphasizing the contrast between Meghan’s declining popularity and the growing admiration for Kate, the prospective Queen.