Joe Biden openly admitted what prompted him to run for a second term

Joe Biden openly admitted what prompted him to run for a second term 1
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President Joe Biden stated on Tuesday that he might have been content with just one term if his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, had not attempted to reclaim the White House, writes the BBC.

“We cannot allow him to win,” Biden emphasized to journalists.

On Fox News, Trump hinted at the possibility of leveraging power upon returning to the White House. He also commented on Biden’s age, suggesting it might hinder his political comeback.

Neither candidate has officially secured their party’s nomination. Trump maintains a lead in the Republican race despite facing multiple legal challenges. Biden, as the incumbent, remains a probable candidate for the Democratic Party.

Current public opinion polls indicate a potentially tight contest between them as the 2024 presidential campaign unfolds.

During a private discussion with journalists at a fundraising event near Boston, Biden revealed, “If Trump weren’t running, I’m not sure, I would be running. But we cannot allow him to win.”

This statement marked the first time the President directly linked his bid for a second term with countering Trump’s potential return.

Later, on December 5th, during a televised Fox News in Davenport, Iowa, Sean Hannity asked Trump, ‘Can you commit tonight to refrain from using your powers for retribution?’

‘Except for the initial day,’ Trump replied. ‘I aim to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill.’

In a prior interview, Hannity inquired if Trump, if re-elected, to abuse power or bend the law to use the government to go after people.

‘You mean what’s happening currently?’ Trump retorted, expressing doubts about Biden’s ability to endure the demanding campaign physically and suggesting concerns about his mental state.

According to him, his opponent’s mental state is ‘possibly as bad or even worse’ than his physical condition.