Jennifer Lawrence became a mom for the first time

Jennifer Lawrence became a mom for the first time 1

31-year-old Jennifer Lawrence gave birth to her first child. This was reported by TMZ, citing a well-informed source. However, neither the sex nor the name of the child is yet known. So far, reporters have not been able to find out the date of the baby’s birth. And the actress herself has not yet commented on the event.

For the first time, it became known that Lawrence would become a mother for the first time in September 2021. Then the actress, who had stopped appearing in public sometime before, was filmed with a very noticeably rounded stomach. Paparazzi caught Jennifer in one of the New York cafes, where she came with a friend to have lunch. And soon, Lawrence’s official representative confirmed that she was pregnant with her husband Cooke Maroney.

However, this news did not surprise the fans of the actress too much then. She has been saying for a long time that she dreams of having a child. And for the first time, I mentioned it after the wedding, which took place in October 2019. Then at the wedding of Jennifer and Cook, held on the territory of Rhode Island, almost half of Hollywood gathered. Among the 150 guests invited to the wedding were Cameron Diaz and her husband, Nicole Richie, Kris Jenner, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen. The actress’ wedding took place about four months after the engagement, which became known in February 2019.

And Lawrence’s novel began in the spring of 2018. They were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance — actress Laura Simpson. The actress and her future husband immediately made the best impression on each other. Sometime later, Lawrence admitted that Cook was “the best man she had ever met in her life.” So it was, according to the actress, very easy for her to make the decision to marry Cook. And after the wedding, Jennifer said: she is proud that from now on she will bear the surname Maroney.

Note that the actress’ previous romances really weren’t as idyllic as the love story with Maroney. Her relationship with actor Nicholas Holt, which lasted almost 4 years, did not lead to anything. And Lawrence’s romance with director Darren Aronofsky was also short-lived — it ended in 2017, just a year after the beginning of their relationship.