Kate Middleton has publicly admitted that she wants another child

Kate Middleton has publicly admitted that she wants another child 1

Kate Middleton pleased her fans, once again confirming her reputation as an immaculately elegant woman. It was simply impossible to find fault with her outfits, in which she shone during her two-day visit to Denmark. Everyone was particularly impressed by the coat dress from Catherine Walker— one of the Duchess’ most beloved designers. Note that the trip to Denmark was Kate’s first official voyage without her husband William since 2019. At the same time, fans of the royal family were impressed not only by how Middleton looked but also by what a curious statement she made. This was reported by the publication Page. six.

Arriving in Copenhagen, the Duchess first visited the Royal palace, meeting with Queen Margrethe, who, like Elizabeth II, is celebrating her jubilee this year. However, unlike the British monarch, she will celebrate “only” the 50th anniversary of her stay on the throne. Another important meeting for Middleton took place at the palace — with Magritte’s daughter-in-law, the wife of the heir to the throne, Crown Princess Mary. Kate was very happy to see Mary, whom she hadn’t seen in a very long time. The two princesses met and became friends back in 2011, when Middleton and William, who had recently married, visited Denmark for the first time.

And after the visit to the palace, Kate visited the Copenhagen Center for Children’s Mental Health. The Duchess did not go to this institution by chance: the development of young children is the main project of all that the Duchess is engaged in. And during a meeting with the staff of the center, Middleton, who simply adores children, admitted: every time she, after talking with the kids, returns home after visiting such institutions, she irresistibly wants to replenish the composition of her own family.

“Let’s have another baby!”

– with such words, Kate, according to her own statement, often turns to her husband. However, William, as Kate reported, does not share her enthusiasm yet.