Amid a new court scandal: Angelina Jolie has left California

Amid a new court scandal: Angelina Jolie has left California 1

Angelina Jolie has pleased her fans by posting a new photo on her Instagram page. For him, she posed with her 15-year-old daughter Shiloh, and both looked completely happy. As it turned out, this picture was taken not at all in California, where Jolie currently lives, but in Cambodia.

Jolie first visited this country back in 2001, when the filming of “Lara Croft” took place there. Then Angelina, by her own admission, fell in love with this country. Jolie plunged headlong into the local problems of the country, at that time ravaged by war, helping to organize humanitarian aid to the population. And later she joined the fight for the preservation of endangered species of animals. In 2002, she returned here and adopted her eldest son — at that time, seven-month-old Maddox, whom she found in a local shelter. And two years later I bought a house in Cambodia — it was on the terrace of this building that a new frame was made, which the actress shared. Later, she established a fund for nature protection and solving social problems, which she named after her son.

Amid a new court scandal: Angelina Jolie has left California 3

“So far I have spent only a few days among the locals — amazingly warm and friendly people — and I feel like my soul is slowly healing!”

— so Angelina signed the picture published to her.

Meanwhile, just before leaving California, Jolie’s mood was not the best. After all, a little more than a week ago, she found out that her ex-husband Brad Pitt had started a new lawsuit against her. However, Brad believes that Angelina herself is to blame for this, because she violated, in his opinion, their previously reached agreement. We are talking about the sale of half of the Chateau Miraval castle in France, once acquired by the former spouses together in 2008, on the basis of which they organized the production of Miraval Rose wine, which is very popular on the market. In the process of divorce, they agreed that half of both the castle and the winery was due to each. However, they can sell their share only by agreement with each other. And Jolie took and sold her part to a large owner of an international chain of alcoholic beverages, without even informing her ex-husband about it. And now he demands to cancel the deal in court. Since, among other things, the new partner, according to Pitt, prevents him from managing his part of the business.