Fans of Ana de Armas won the court against Universal Pictures

Fans of Ana de Armas won the court against Universal Pictures 1

Two fans of Ana de Armas went to court against Universal because of the trailer for the 2019 movie “Yesterday”. The video showed their favorite actress, but she was absent from the film. After the proceedings, the judge agreed to consider a lawsuit against the film studio.

He admitted that such deception falls under the law on false advertising and Universal can be held accountable, Deadline reports. Representatives of the studio said that the trailer of the film was not a commercial product, but the judge sided with the fans of Ana de Armas. Their case will move forward for further consideration.

Conor Woulfe, 38, and Paul Michael Rosza, 44, paid $3.99 each to watch the new Universal studio comedy “Yesterday” on the Amazon Prime streaming service. According to the men, they were attracted by the scenes with actress Ana de Armas from the trailer of the picture. But after watching Connor and Peter were disappointed, as they realized that they would not see their favorite actress.

The men decided to sue Universal Pictures because of deception and demand that the studio pay them $5 million. Episodes with the actress were used in the trailer of the picture, but the storyline of Ana de Armas did not get into the final editing of the tape.

The plot of “Yesterday” tells about James Malik, the only person who remembers The Beatles in the modern world. He appropriates their songs to himself and becomes a world-famous musician. Ana de Armas played a girl with whom the main character was in love. But the authors of the film decided to cut out all the scenes with the participation of the actress so that there would not be two parallel romantic lines in the film.