Britney Spears fans are puzzled by her inexplicable mood swings

Britney Spears fans are puzzled by her inexplicable mood swings 1

41-year-old Britney Spears never tires of surprising fans with illogical and strange actions. Recall that the star has long accused her mother Lynne, attributing to her the role of the main “villain” in the custody story, and has long since completely interrupted any communication with her. However, as it became known, quite suddenly Britney decided to invite her mom to her house to have coffee together! This was reported by the Daily Mail.

By the way, the coffee that Britney is going to drink with her mother was completely unavailable to her until recently. Throughout the entire long period of custody, that is, almost 13 years, this drink was strictly forbidden for Spears along with alcohol. As Spears already told some time ago, in the past her parents took this issue so seriously that they hid coffee from their daughter so that it would be impossible to find it. Britney has repeatedly complained about this to her fans. But now she can finally enjoy it in the morning with her newfound freedom.

“I spent 15 years without coffee… And now I can
invite my mom for coffee”,

  • the singer reported on her social network.

However, fans were struck by Britney’s words, of course, not by her reasoning about coffee, but by the fact that the singer resumed communication with her mother. Everyone was sure that the celebrity just hates his mom. Britney claimed that the plan with guardianship and “pumping” money out of her was invented by Lynne, because Jamie was, according to Spears, “not smart enough” to think of such a thing.

Therefore, in the first place, it was her mother who the star accused of malicious hyper control and “slave” custody of her. And until recently, Britney was very determined and flatly refused to accept her mother’s apologies. And to Lynne’s public requests to resume communication with her, the singer responded with a categorical refusal, while using profanity.