‘Avatar 2’ grossed more than $550 million at the global box office

'Avatar 2' grossed more than $550 million at the global box office 1

“Avatar: The Way of Water” grossed $550 million at the box office – five days after its premiere. The blockbuster became the eighth project to earn $500 million in 2022. Analysts expect that by the beginning of 2023, the box office of the Avatar sequel will approach a billion dollars.

The total fees of the second “Avatar” in the United States amounted to $168.6 million, and in the rest of the world – 387.3 million, Variety reports. During the first weekend of rental, the fees of Avatar 2 in the cinema amounted to $435 million. During the same period of time, the first Avatar collected just over $241 million in 2009.

James Cameron shared his concerns about the future of the Avatar franchise. He said that in case of the failure of Avatar 2, he would abandon the idea of making five films and stop at the trilogy. The director believes that for payback “Avatar 2” should collect about $2 Billion at the box office.

Earlier it became known that the plot of “Avatar 5” by James Cameron will unfold on Earth. According to the franchise producer Jon Landau, the inhabitants of the planet Pandora will fly to people. Jon Landau learned the details of the future script from a conversation with the director of the picture.

Only part of the events of Avatar 5 will unfold on Earth. Earlier, James Cameron admitted that he had achieved success with the “Avatar 4” script. According to the director, he did not receive any edits after the Disney bosses read the scenarios, They recognized the first version of the plot as “cool”.

At the same time, the scenarios of “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3” were criticized. James Cameron received 3 pages of edits for the story of the second film and one page for the third picture.