Where did Meghan Markle disappear to? The Duchess has not been seen for more than 100 days

Where did Meghan Markle disappear to? The Duchess has not been seen for more than 100 days 1

Fans of Meghan Markle are at a loss. For more than three months, the Duchess has been hiding from everyone for an unknown reason. Not only has she not been seen in public for a long time, but Megan also has not appeared online for a long time. As Markle’s fans have calculated, she has not made herself feel in any way for more than 100 days. This was reported by the publication New Idea.

Without any official explanation, the mysterious absence of Megan, who has always loved to shine in public, has already given rise to many fan theories explaining her behavior. So, some believe that Megan is sick with something and does not want to show up in her far from best form. Others suspect that Markle, who is raising two children, is pregnant again and because of severe toxicities, she is not up to social life. But the largest number of fans believe that Megan has serious problems in her marriage with Harry.

Suspicions that the Duchess had quarreled with her husband arose after one of the prince’s friends “leaked” this rumor to the Network. And after Harry, a little more than a week ago, to everyone’s bewilderment, appeared at the American Football Super Bowl match without his wife, many believed in this version. After all, Megan has always adored sporting events and tried not to miss the most important ones. This situation looked even more suspicious due to the fact that Harry did not come to the stadium alone. If he had come there without a companion, everyone might have thought that Megan had suddenly fallen ill and canceled a pre-planned visit to the event. But no: Harry appeared at the stadium with a companion, whose arrival at the match in California was a sensation in itself. After all, it was his cousin Princess Eugenie, who had flown in from Britain for this. According to some, Eugenia, who has always been friends with the prince, is aware of his family problems, and therefore was not too lazy to come to America to comfort Harry.