It became known why Queen Elizabeth urgently summoned Kate Middleton and William to her

It became known why Queen Elizabeth urgently summoned Kate Middleton and William to her 1

Prince William knew from childhood that one day he would become king. However, until recently, such a prospect seemed far away to him, because the immediate heir to the throne is by law not him, but his father Prince Charles. But now Queen Elizabeth has directly hinted to her grandson that he should prepare for the opportunity to take the crown in the very foreseeable future. This was reported by the publication Woman’s Day.

Last week, the British media reported that Elizabeth for some reason called Kate Middleton and William to her Windsor. This message surprised many at the time because the coronavirus pandemic in Britain has not yet ended, and the 95-year-old queen is being tried to protect from contact. However, for the sake of this meeting, Elizabeth violated the rules of precaution, considering this visit very important. Although, according to available information, the queen still communicated with her grandson and his wife keeping a social distance.

As for the purpose of Kate and her husband’s visit to Windsor, it became known only now. As it turned out, Elizabeth requested them to herself in order to adjust to the fact that William could become her immediate successor. In fact, this prospect has pleased many Britons, among whom the prince is much more popular than Charles. In addition, Charles is already 73 years old, and his health is by no means in perfect shape. And after it recently became known that the prince, along with his wife, managed to get sick with coronavirus again, fears about the fate of the British throne intensified even more.

As it turned out, Elizabeth was not worried in vain, because Charles did not have time to recover, as she herself fell ill. And now the situation looks even more alarming. However, the British hope that the monarch herself and her son will safely survive the disease. However, William, as the next heir in line, was ordered to be on high alert.