Tom Cruise will go into outer space in his new film

Tom Cruise will go into outer space in his new film 1

For filming in his upcoming film, 60-year-old Tom Cruise will go to the International Space Station and even go into outer space. The actor will play “an unlucky guy who will be the only person able to save the Earth.”

Tom Cruise will be the first civilian to go into outer space outside the station. The film will be directed by Doug Liman, who shot films about Jason Bourne and the fantastic action movie “Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise. The director can also fly to the ISS, Hypebae reports.

The title and release date of the upcoming film with Tom Cruise in space is still unknown. It is reported that most of the pictures will be shot on Earth.

Tom Cruise and the director of the last three films in the “Mission Impossible” series Christopher McQuarrie have already developed two new projects. The director will shoot a musical and a new large-scale action movie starring Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise will go into outer space in his new film 3

The actor also said that he wants to return to the role of Les Grossman from the comedy “Soldiers of Failure” in 2008. Tom Cruise played the role of an eccentric and rude Hollywood producer in unrecognizable makeup. The actor previously admitted that for him the role of Les Grossman has become one of his favorites in his career.

“Mission Impossible 7” will be released on July 12, 2023, and the next part will be released on June 28, 2024. The eighth film in the series will be the last with the participation of Tom Cruise. The premiere of the pictures was postponed four times due to Tom Cruise’s injuries and outbreaks of COVID-19 infections on the set. While the details of the plot are not disclosed, the main character will again fight the world’s evil with the help of old friends.