Secrets of etiquette: how Queen Elizabeth II managed to avoid embarrassing situations

Secrets of etiquette: how Queen Elizabeth II managed to avoid embarrassing situations 1

The late Queen Elizabeth II had to attend a huge number of different meetings and events. Ian Scott Hunter, who worked as Her Majesty’s footman for eight years, admitted that the queen had an elegant way to end a boring meeting or leave the interlocutor, Express reports.

It was important for the Queen not to make her desire to leave boring small talk too obvious.

Hunter revealed the secret code that the Queen used to get away from the interlocutor. According to him, she used to make her trained staff aware that, for her, an event was coming to an end.

Elizabeth II would take her lipstick and apply it to her lips without a mirror, a signal that she was ready to leave the event or end a boring conversation.

The Queen also used another sign – her purse.

When Her Majesty is done talking to a guest, she simply moves her purse from one arm to another. At such a moment, one of the Queen’s subordinates had to come up and help Her Majesty politely leave the conversation. A similar technique was practiced when the Queen wanted to leave a banquet or a gala dinner.

If the company was really “terrible,” she would put her bag on the floor or twist her wedding ring to call an “ambulance”.

The late Queen Elizabeth II always tried to look perfect and even gave advice to her relatives on how not to get into an awkward situation in public.

Once Her Majesty advised the Princess of Wales Catherine one life hack, which was used by her tailor in order to avoid such a nuisance as a dress being pulled up by a gust of wind.

Special small weights were sewn to the queen’s outfits, which helped to avoid awkward situations, the Daily Mail reports. But this rule did not always work even with Her Majesty.