Schwarzenegger commented on Donald Trump’s statements about weighing 215 pounds

Schwarzenegger commented on Donald Trump's statements about weighing 215 pounds 1
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the growing number of people commenting on Donald Trump’s rather questionable and loud claim that he weighs only 215 pounds, according to The Daily Best.

During an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, the legendary seven-time Mr. Olympia was asked about his opinion on this intriguing statement. Kimmel inquired, “Do you believe it’s plausible that he actually weighs 215 pounds?”

To which Schwarzenegger retorted with a smile,

“Well, as plausible as there being no climate change or no need to seriously address pollution.”

With a hint of humor, he continued,

“Let’s be honest, we’re all familiar with his style, and if it boosts his self-esteem to announce that he’s 215 pounds, I think we all share a chuckle because, frankly, he doesn’t appear to be in that weight class.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger candidly suggested that Trump’s actual weight might be “a tad closer to, perhaps, 315 pounds or thereabouts.”

Schwarzenegger’s remarks added to the ongoing discussion surrounding the credibility of Trump’s claim. The former president’s assertion of his weight has been met with skepticism from various quarters, with critics pointing to his physical appearance as a counterargument to his stated figure.

In his typically direct and humorous manner, Schwarzenegger essentially echoed the sentiments of many who found the claim hard to believe.

While the issue of Trump’s weight may not be of utmost importance, it serves as a microcosm of the larger discourse surrounding the former president’s statements and their reception by the public.