Run away from a man who does these 10 things

Run away from a man who does these 10 things 1
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Each of us dreams of a perfect love story with an ideal partner. However, we often settle for less due to the fear of loneliness. This can lead to inner turmoil and an unhappy life. Ensure you avoid being with someone who exhibits these 10 behaviors:

Hides their phone from you

A person who has nothing to hide from you will not keep their phone away from you. If they don’t allow you to use their phone, it’s a common sign that they are being unfaithful to you.

Insincere with you. Avoids answering questions

Strong relationships are based on truth and fidelity. It’s hard to trust a man who constantly makes up far-fetched stories. Therefore, if your partner is into such behavior, you should reconsider your relationship.

Looks down on you

If your man looks down on everything you have achieved and tries to portray himself as much better than you, think about whether you want to be with such a person for the rest of your life.

Uses double standards in the relationship

If a man decides when you can meet with friends, this is unacceptable. Mutual understanding is extremely important for a successful relationship.

He never admits his mistakes

If a man does not accept and acknowledge his mistakes, and instead tries to blame you for something, stay away from this person.

Run away from a man who does these 10 things 3
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Flirts with Strangers

If you notice that a man does this to make you jealous, there’s nothing left to do but run in the opposite direction. This is a clear sign of future infidelity.


Such a man will never care about your feelings, desires, and needs. The most important thing for him is that you cater to his needs, without worrying about your own. You don’t deserve such treatment!

Talks a Lot About His Ex

If he constantly mentions or talks about his past relationships, you are likely being used only as a means for healing. Such relationships never end well.

Lack of Sexual Attraction

Statistics show that lack of mutual sexual attraction is the reason for ending 87% of relationships. Even if your first date was sweet, innocent, and engaging, but you don’t feel sexual attraction, you shouldn’t expect a bright future with this man.

You Are Not a Priority

If a man can’t make time for you in his “precious” schedule, you probably aren’t his priority. Move on and stop wasting your time.

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