How do you get an ex back when it seems impossible?

How do you get an ex back when it seems impossible? 1
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Time goes by, but you just can’t get your beloved, who left you, out of your head. Do you still dream of being in his arms, just like before? If, despite everything, you have firmly decided to win back your ex, simply follow this simple instruction, and it will increase your chances of their return.

Firstly, let me say that it is possible to get a man back under the following conditions: you parted on a positive, friendly note.

Your breakup was graceful and calm. You outwardly accepted his departure announcement with composure, without throwing tantrums, cursing him, seeking revenge, humiliating, or insulting him. Of course, inside you were deeply hurt. Even now, you can’t find peace, but outwardly you behave with dignity. This is the key condition.

A man will never return to a woman, even if he loves her deeply, if she behaves poorly, rudely, disgracefully, and shamelessly. But if the breakup was calm, the likelihood of the ex returning after some time is high.

Despite the breakup, lovers, even if they are now exes, continue to have certain emotions, feelings, grievances, and unresolved issues towards each other. Additionally, when a man reaches out, he wants to make sure he didn’t make a mistake and that breaking up was the right decision to ease his guilt.

Our task is to shake his confidence in his decision and make him come back. So what should a woman do to achieve this?

So, a man has left you, but despite this cowardly move on his part, you are still madly in love and determined to get him back. Let’s start taking action. But not in the literal sense of “bombarding” him with hundreds of texts and incessant calls.

Instead, we apply a silence tactic on all fronts. If you want your ex-partner to return to you, the best way is to provide no information about yourself. Fully immerse yourself in an information blackout. You must disappear from the man’s sight so that he feels it. You should not call or write to him. It is strictly forbidden to contact him. Don’t even look for a reason to reach out to him.

If you fear you might not resist and call or write, delete his phone number. Such conversations will lead to nothing for now. Besides expressing your hurt, you will have nothing to say to your partner. Remove yourself from social media. If that’s not possible, simply post nothing on your page, especially sad quotes, pictures, or anything showing sadness and longing.

Also, avoid posting overly joyful photos hinting at a happy life after the breakup, accompanied by bouquets from mysterious admirers, gifts, lively parties, and overall demonstrating a carefree life.

The man should not understand how you are living. He should feel guilty for causing you pain by leaving. Any information about you, no matter what kind, will give the man a chance to interpret it as he pleases. And he will get a clue and confirmation that he did the right thing by leaving you.

So, remember and adhere to the rule: the man should know nothing about your life after the breakup. It is also strictly forbidden to visit his page, like his photos, and posts.

After some time, the man will want to check how you are doing and, naturally, he will first look at your page. And what will he see? That’s right: nothing! He will be bewildered, surprised, and confused. He might not yet realize that he already misses you, but the first small step in your direction has already been taken by him. And if he saw a sea of news and new photos on your page, he would simply satisfy his curiosity by scrolling through all the photos.

But as he visits and gets no news about you, his curiosity is not satisfied, and the feeling of guilt does not go away. Because men are possessive. And even though he left you, he continues to be interested in you and your affairs. And your silence tactic bewilders and confuses him. So, what might a man do to satisfy his curiosity?

He may start asking about your affairs from mutual friends. Therefore, the second step a woman needs to take is to stop communicating with mutual friends and acquaintances. So when the ex decides to ask them what they know about your new life, they sincerely admit they haven’t heard anything about you for a long time. This will be the second signal that will puzzle your man.

It’s worth noting that if for some reason you can’t completely stop communicating with someone from mutual friends, simply ask them not to tell your ex anything about you. So, what do we have at this moment?

You don’t call, don’t write, don’t post anything about your life on social networks, and your mutual friends know nothing about you. You are in complete isolation from your ex-man. And now the man starts to be even more actively interested in what is happening to you.

Indirect contact begins. What is it? He may like a photo on your page, leave a meaningless comment under some post, or send you a personal message. How should you behave in this case?

The main thing to remember is that this is not yet an attempt by the man to get you back! This is just an attempt to get information about you since you leave him no other way. And if you get in touch with him, he will get confirmation of his correctness that you are still the same, and he will calm down, and disappear from your life again.

Therefore, your reaction to such offerings from his side should be silence and ignorance. You don’t need to answer anything. And you don’t need to react to his attempts to find out how you are doing!

Not receiving any reaction from you through indirect contact, the man will try to make direct contact with you. That is, he will either call or wait for you near your home or work. Keep in mind that he is doing this not to reconcile with you. But just to find out about your life and once again make sure that he did the right thing by leaving you. After all, no one wants to feel guilty and doubt the correctness of their decision.

Continue to adhere to the same strategy. Do not give any information about yourself. If the conversation is inevitable, talk about neutral topics superficially and informatively, and don’t talk about yourself. Don’t tell what’s going on in your heart, what you are doing, or who you are communicating with. And especially don’t talk about how you cry into your pillow at night, suffer, and wait for his return!

If your ex calls, you should answer. Don’t ignore it. But the answer should be restrained and emotionally sparse. Be somewhat dry, perhaps even cold. Do not show any emotions, but don’t be indifferent either. And don’t forget that you can’t talk about yourself.

Because any information about you is an opportunity for him to draw certain conclusions. The conclusion will most likely be that he is right, that he did everything correctly, and his feeling of guilt will go away, he will relax and disappear again.

When a man doesn’t receive any information from you, he torments himself. And he invites you to meet and talk. This should be entirely the man’s initiative. Most likely, at such a meeting, the man will offer you friendship or no-strings-attached sex.

Another important point: if a man offers you friendship or sex after a breakup, never agree to it under any circumstances!

He needs this so that you always remain in his field of vision. As we mentioned earlier, men are possessive and ready to keep even their exes in sight and on a “short leash”, not allowing them to build a new personal life.

He may already see other women himself, and you will remain under his influence, but now as a friend. So there can be no talk of friendship or sex without commitment.

The only possible continuation of your communication can be only one! And this option should be voiced by the man, not by you.

It’s to start the relationship anew, so to speak, from a clean slate. But, I’ll repeat, this should be entirely the man’s initiative.

Also, don’t forget, if you get back together and after a while the man sees you as you were before, he will leave again.
So don’t waste your time, change. So that when he returns, the man will find that the woman he remembers no longer exists in his mind. Instead, there is a completely new, unknown, beautiful girl whom he will fall in love with again and get to know her anew.
Work on yourself, change, evolve. This is necessary primarily for you. Love yourself!