Why do intelligent people reduce their social circle as they get older? Reasons?

Why do intelligent people reduce their social circle as they get older? Reasons? 1
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Over the years, intelligent people become very selective about whom they communicate with. They prefer quality to quantity, especially in relationships. They choose those with whom they feel comfortable, eliminating the need to prove or convince. As a result, they are left with those who are on the same wavelength as they are.

They strive to surround themselves with people who share similar values and interests. Once they establish strong relationships, they do not feel the need to make new ones.

Preferring deep conversations to gossip and superficial talks, they naturally repel those not interested in substantive communication.

Due to work and other commitments, time becomes a rare resource for them, and they spend it with those who truly matter.

They become more cautious and avoid people who might cause harm or be dishonest.

They may also prefer spending time alone or with close ones, recognizing the value of time and striving to use it most effectively.

Reducing their social circle allows them to conserve energy and time for achieving their goals and success. Instead of empty talks, they spend their resources learning new subjects and developing skills, opening up new opportunities.

Thus, limiting social interactions becomes a necessary step for personal growth and success.

Observing the interactions of intelligent people who have known each other for a long time, one can notice that a single word, glance, or hint is enough for them to exchange thoughts. They are on the same wavelength. This makes their interactions admirable and productive.

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