Reunited Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper showed their feelings in public

Reunited Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper showed their feelings in public 1

Irina Shayk’s fans are jubilant: they have finally received one hundred percent confirmation that Irina Shayk and her former civil spouse have reunited, which they have been dreaming about all this time. Although no official statements have been made yet, there is no doubt: 36-year-old Irina and 47-year-old Bradley Cooper have resumed their romantic relationship. This is evidenced by a number of photos taken recently by paparazzi in New York, which can be viewed on the Daily Mail website.

Note that the reporters did not have to shoot Shayk and Cooper secretly: they did not even try to hide when they noticed the photographers. Irina and Bradley calmly continued to walk along the street together — sometimes in an embrace, then holding hands. And at some point, Irina playfully put her hand just below Cooper’s back. At the same time, both she and he looked quite happy.

Recall that the first persistent rumors that the couple reunited began to spread this summer. Then Irina provoked it herself by posting pictures on the social network from their vacation together with Bradley, wherein in one of the photos she was hugging him, putting her head on his shoulder. And on the other, the model captured a heart painted on the sand — as everyone thought, as a sign of her and Cooper’s revived feelings. And later, a rumor even spread that Irina and Bradley decided to have a second child. Since then, they have been seen together more than once — smiling and happy. And on Halloween, the couple made a family outing in fancy dress: Bradley dressed up as a bear for the occasion. And the day before, Cooper and Shayk took a walk with their daughter in New York. They themselves were dressed normally then, but Leia’s mother dressed up in a bright red devil suit.

Recall that Irina and Bradley’s daughter was born in 2017, about a year after everyone became aware of Cooper and Shayk’s affair. They lived together, peacefully raising Leia until 2019, when, to the chagrin of fans, they broke up. They did not announce the official reason for their decision, but everyone decided that Irina could not stand the incessant rumors about Cooper’s affair with Lady Gaga, whom he shot in the movie “A Star is Born”.