Quentin Tarantino refused to cooperate with Marvel and DC

Quentin Tarantino refused to cooperate with Marvel and DC 1

Quentin Tarantino said that with all his love for comics, he will never be able to make a movie based on them for Marvel or DC. The director explained his decision and his unwillingness to be “just an employee.” Quentin Tarantino stressed that he is not looking for a job for someone, but prefers to create in his own style.

The director spoke sharply about the working conditions at Marvel and DC in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Earlier, Quentin Tarantino officially responded to Kanye West’s accusations of plagiarism. The rapper said that the director stole the idea of the western “Django Unchained” from him. Quentin Tarantino admitted that there was a meeting with the rapper before the filming of the “Gold Digger” video, but Kanye West did not offer him to make a film with Jamie Foxx in the title role.

The director said that Kanye West wanted to shoot a large-scale film version of his debut album «The College Dropout», in which different directors would participate. The project was not implemented.

On October 21, Kanye West said that Quentin Tarantino stole the idea of the rapper’s “Gold Digger” video with Jamie Foxx for the filming of Django Unchained. The musician said that in 2005 he shared the concept of the video with Quentin Tarantino and Jamie Foxx. In 2012, the premiere of the western “Django Unchained” took place.

At the end of October, James Cameron spoke out against Marvel and DC. The director called the actions of superheroes reckless as if they were “still in college.” James Cameron criticized film studios for films that do not disclose the topic of family and children.

James Cameron believes that now characters should appear on the screen who will be responsible for their loved ones. They can no longer rush under fire because their relatives are waiting for them at home. James Cameron admitted that “Avatar 2” will be devoted to the theme of family to a much greater extent than the first film.