Publishers set a condition for Meghan Markle if she decides to publish her memoirs, stated an expert

Publishers set a condition for Meghan Markle if she decides to publish her memoirs, stated an expert 1
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There is a possibility that Meghan Markle is considering following in her husband’s footsteps and will write her memoirs. This is the anticipated step following the resounding success of Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare,’ which became the best-selling book in the UK last year. More than 700,000 copies of the book have been sold.

It is expected that in the upcoming book, Meghan will not only talk about her life in California but also share details about life in the Royal Family. While exact release dates remain unknown, it’s likely the memoir won’t hit shelves for several years.

Royal commentator Neil Sean disclosed that multiple publishers are intrigued by the Duchess of Sussex’s narrative. However, he revealed that the mother-of-two has been asked to produce three chapters before receiving any form of payment. Reported by The Daily Express.

Sean emphasized the caution of publishers: after all, they’ll have to invest a lot of money, and they want to ensure that their investments will pay off and that it’s indeed a worthy story.

Security remains a paramount concern: any hint of the memoir’s content leaking could jeopardize the entire deal.

Meghan, to reshape her public image, recently partnered with William Morris Endeavor talent agency. But royal fans are questioning her current affiliation, as her name isn’t among the roster on the WME website, even though many other celebrities are mentioned in the roster.

Despite her silence post Prince Harry’s book release, Meghan faced criticism and even became fodder for satire on shows like South Park and Family Guy.

Royal expert Richard Kay suggested that Meghan might be purposefully “creating distance” from Harry’s memoir. However, he cautioned that her prolonged absence from the public eye could hinder the promotion of the brand, emphasizing that after such a hiatus, it’s challenging to reignite public interest.