Meghan Markle ‘wants answers’ from King Charles regarding the use of her royal title, expert claims

Meghan Markle 'wants answers' from King Charles regarding the use of her royal title, expert claims 1
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According to royal expert Neil Sean, Meghan Markle “wants answers” from King Charles about how she can use her title outside the Royal Family. Since stepping back from their official duties four years ago, Meghan and Prince Harry don’t understand why different rules are applied to them compared to other members of the Royal Family. Reported by The Mirror.

According to experts, Meghan Markle is experiencing irritation due to Sarah Ferguson’s television appearances, where the Duchess of York is promoting her book and other projects.

Sean, discussing this on his YouTube channel, emphasized that the Duchess of Sussex has expressed a desire to receive answers from the King, reportedly even attempting to arrange a personal meeting to address the challenges she faced after joining the Royal Family.

Neil Sean suggests that Meghan and Harry see this as unequal treatment, believing they faced stricter rules while part of the Royal Family.

Ferguson’s appearances, labeling herself as the Duchess of York and promoting herself within the Royal Family context, particularly irk Meghan.

Meghan and Harry are perplexed by the double standard, as stated by the expert.

This discussion Neil occurred following rumors about Meghan purportedly planning to write a book about her life, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s candid memoir. It is expected that in the upcoming book, Megan will not only talk about her life in California but also share details about life in the Royal Family.

The upcoming book is part of a publishing deal Meghan and Harry secured with Penguin Random House. Previously, Harry released his candid and scandal memoir, “Spare,” in 2023, marking the start of their collaborative literary ventures.

According to royal expert Christine Ross, Meghan Markle will face a serious dilemma if she decides to go ahead and release her memoirs.

“It will undoubtedly be difficult for her to strike a balance between what is best for her image and what publishers want to sell to the public,” the expert was quoted as saying in Express.