Prince Andrew’s hopes ‘for rehabilitation’ have not been realized. He is devastated

Prince Andrew's hopes 'for rehabilitation' have not been realized. He is devastated 1
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Stripped of royal duties and titles, Prince Andrew, brother of King Charles III, vainly hoped to restore his good name after scandalous accusations. Although his pal Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in August 2019 during the preliminary investigation, the high-profile case has not quieted down.

Recently, scandal court documents have been disclosed that contain numerous mentions of the Duke of York, whose friendship with Jeffrey Epstein is undergoing new scrutiny.

Ex-housekeeper Juan Alessi, who worked at Epstein’s Palm Beach residence claimed that Prince Andrew had been a guest at his pal’s residence for weeks and regularly ‘received massages’. Additionally, he added that Sarah Ferguson, who was ‘friendly’ with Epstein, visited him once ‘for a short time’. Reported by Daily Mail.

The latest bombshell allegations have confused the Royal Family, but insiders stated that the King continues to feel “his duty” towards the late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

According to a royal source, Charles promised his mother before her passing that he would not abandon Andrew. This commitment remains unchanged unless, of course, he finds himself engaged in a criminal matter.

The Duke of York is completely crushed by the new allegations.

“Prince Andrew lacks the emotional strength to cope with this. He’s locked himself in a room and doesn’t know what to say. He is devastated,” quotes The Mirror its source.

Right now, the King’s brother should openly speak out and strike a deal with the investigation, disclosing the details of his strange friendship with Epstein. This would help him rid himself of the dark cloud of shame ‘that will follow him wherever he goes,’ stated renowned American lawyer Gloria Allred to the publication.