Prince Harry’s new accusations against his brother have become known

Prince Harry's new accusations against his brother have become known 1

In his memoirs ‘Spare’, which will be released on January 10, Prince Harry makes a number of new accusations against his brother, Prince William. This is reported by The Guardian journalists who have read excerpts from the book.

So, the Duke of Sussex claims that one day his older brother attacked him during an argument over Meghan Markle. It all started with William calling Meghan “complicated”, “rude” and “harsh”, repeating the epithets that were often used against her in the press. There was a verbal altercation, as a result of which William attacked his brother.

“It all happened so fast. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, tore the chain around my neck, and pushed me to the floor. I fell on the dog bowl, and it broke under me, the shards pierced me. I lay there for a while, stunned, then got to my feet and told him to get out,” Harry recalls.

According to the Duke of Sussex, William was beside himself from the very beginning of the conversation, used obscene language, and provoked and aggravation the conflict, while assuring that he “wanted to help.” Harry tried to calm him down and even offered him a glass of water, but it had no effect.

In another passage of the book, Harry talks about one of the most serious scandals he has ever been involved in – the case when he wore a Nazi uniform to a party, sources tell Page Six. According to Harry, he could not choose between two suits and therefore turned to his brother for advice.

“I called William and Kate Middleton to get their opinion, and they immediately said it had to be a Nazi uniform,” Harry states in the book.

In addition, as he claims, even before the party, he appeared to his brother and Kate in a suit, and they both laughed.

Earlier, an expert on the Royal Family of Great Britain, Robert Lacey, wrote that the hostility between the brothers began to arise just after Harry had to take full responsibility for the story of the Nazi costume: “It made Harry feel hurt and alienated.” According to Lacey, it was often William who pushed Harry to his “self-destructive acts”, and at the same time, he got away with it. Because of this, the brothers began to move away from each other.

Recently, in an interview with ITV, Prince Harry admitted that he would like to “return” his father and brother, but they do not express a desire to go for reconciliation.