Prince Harry rejected King Charles III’s attempts to reconcile | Opinion

Prince Harry rejected King Charles III's attempts to reconcile | Opinion 1

Fans of the British Royal Family are outraged by how Prince Harry reacted the other day to the favor shown to him. Instead of thanking his father, he made a statement in which he tried to devalue the decree of King Charles III, rejecting at the same time the obvious attempt at reconciliation made by the King.

As it became known recently, Prince Harry finally organized an obviously slightly belated baptism ceremony for his daughter Lilibet, who will be 2 years old in less than three months. Moreover, on the occasion of this event, their representative, on behalf of the Prince and the Duchess, made a statement that attracted no less attention than the fact of the ceremony itself. The fact is that this statement was the first time Meghan and Harry’s daughter was named a Princess.

As you know, the Prince and the Duchess have been waiting for this for more than six months, but the King was in no hurry to make an appropriate decision. And now Archie and Lilibeth are officially recognized by the King as Prince and Princess — the titles Meghan and Harry have longed for.

Moreover, by his order, appropriate changes have already been made to the list of members of the Royal Family, where the daughter and son of the King’s youngest son are now called not as before — ‘master’ and ‘miss’, but as ‘Prince Archie of Sussex’ and ‘Princess Lilibet of Sussex’.

According to experts on the Royal Family, Charles III was not obliged to do so at all. Of course, technically, since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Harry’s son and daughter, as the children of the son of the new monarch, were already considered a Prince and Princess. But in order for them to have the right to use their titles publicly, a decree of the King was needed.

And given the fact that Harry and Meghan withdrew from the “working” members of the Royal Family and were deprived of their titles by Elizabeth II, Charles III could well not give Lilibet and Archie the right to use their titles.

However, despite the fact that Meghan and Harry did everything to quarrel with the Royal Family, the monarch apparently decided to make a gesture of goodwill – in the hope of reconciliation.

However, the expected result did not follow. Worse, Harry and Meghan made a new statement in which they arrogantly stated that they did not see anything special in the King’s decision since Archie and Lilibet are “a Prince and Princess by right of birth,” the Daily Mail reports.

In addition, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still have not given an answer whether they will come to the coronation of Charles III, continuing to keep everyone in suspense. After all, although an official invitation to the ceremony was sent to them, it was stated on their behalf that they could not give a definite answer at the moment.

Meanwhile, in Britain, preparations for the coronation are in full swing. And the uncertainty about the Prince and the Duchess puts the employees of the royal staff in a very uncomfortable position — they do not know what to expect. So it was decided to assume, just in case, that Harry and Meghan would come. And prepare for their arrival.