‘Prince Harry has missed out on a major role in the monarchy by leaving the UK’, stated an expert

'Prince Harry has missed out on a major role in the monarchy by leaving the UK', stated an expert 1
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Charles Rae, former royal correspondent of The Sun newspaper, stated in the Royal Exclusive show that Prince Harry’s decision to leave the UK deprived him of a potentially influential role, despite being the monarch’s second son. The Daily Express reports this.

The expert emphasized the once-close relationship between Harry and his brother William, highlighting the sadness in their current distance.

Rae has always believed that when William ascends the throne, Harry will become one of his main advisors, a scenario Diana, Princess of Wales, had envisioned.

The dissolution of their close bond represents a departure from Diana’s aspiration for her sons to remain united against external pressures.

According to a recent survey, 40% of the polled Britons are against even the temporary return of Prince Harry to royal duties, while 39% oppose this proposal permanently. This was reported by The Daily Mail.

As a reminder, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the USA in 2020, intending to build a new life. However, over the past years, numerous accusations and sharp statements from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex towards members of the Royal Family have sparked sharp criticism from the public, resulting in a decline in the couple’s popularity in the USA and the UK.