Angelina Jolie brings forth new accusations against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie brings forth new accusations against Brad Pitt 1
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Angelina Jolie’s lawyers claim that before the widely publicized airplane incident leading to their divorce, Brad Pitt allegedly subjected her to “physical violence”. It should be noted that this flight marked the first instance where he reportedly applied “violence” towards their children. This information is reported by the Daily Mail, citing court documents.

“The incident aboard the flight in September 2016 was not the inception of Pitt’s “physical violence” against Jolie; it had begun much earlier. However, it was the first time such “violence” extended to their children, prompting Jolie to leave him,” the documents state.

Jolie’s filings caused Pitt concern that this information could become public. It is claimed that before their divorce, Pitt insisted on Jolie signing a nondisclosure agreement.

Jolie’s legal team claims that Pitt refuses to buy out her stake in the winery unless she signs a non-disclosure agreement, effectively silencing her.

Furthermore, it’s highlighted that Pitt neglected to seek advice on domestic violence issues and disregarded serious family problems while seeking partial custody of their six children, three of whom are adopted.

In a 2023 court filing, Pitt’s legal team stated that his NDA requests were ‘limited’ and aimed at safeguarding business interests. They also clarified that his proposed terms ensured Jolie’s freedom to discuss their divorce and custody matters without restriction, stating, ‘This commitment does not restrict any party’s right to make legal claims, filings, or give testimony.’

According to Jolie’s legal team, the children were not permitted to testify, despite some being over 14 years old, which is allowed under the Family Code. Pitt allegedly objected to their participation.

Jolie’s lawyers assert that despite Pitt’s intentions, she refrained from seeking sole custody, prioritizing the children’s desires and needs.

Additionally, representatives for Jolie claim she wishes to conclude legal proceedings, but Pitt’s actions compel her to defend herself.

An insider describes the situation as “incredibly sad,” expressing Jolie’s desire for Pitt to move on and leave her alone.

These “revelations” cast a new perspective on the tumultuous relationship between the Hollywood stars. The divorce proceedings between Jolie and Pitt remain ongoing.