Online discussions are circulating rumors about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with Timothy Chalamet

Online discussions are circulating rumors about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy with Timothy Chalamet 1
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In the online sphere, rumors are circulating about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with her boyfriend Timothy Chalamet. It all started when comedian Daniel Tosh claimed on his podcast that 26-year-old Kylie Jenner appeared in a scene for the Kardashian show where she was pregnant by Timothy Chalamet, from which he concluded that she was expecting a child.

According to Tosh, this information was provided to him by an employee of one of the grocery stores in Malibu when he asked why the store was closed yesterday. The employee replied that he shouldn’t discuss it, but yesterday they were filming the season finale of the Kardashian show here.

“This guy told me they rented out the entire store. It was a scene: in which Kylie shows that she’s pregnant — with Timothy. Oh my God, what a bomb,” Tosh said. He noted that he only relies on the employee’s words and therefore does not vouch for the accuracy of the facts.

An insider from the Daily Mail, close to Jenner, has already commented on this news. According to him, these claims are “100% false.” He speculated that the comedian’s unfounded statements were a ploy to draw attention to his podcast.

Kylie and Timothy, whose romance became known last spring, haven’t been seen together in public for a long time, which previously sparked rumors of a breakup. However, insiders later reported that they were still together, they just decided not to appear in public after the Golden Globe Awards ceremony: their captured kiss on camera caused a lot of buzz online, and they didn’t like it.

“Timothy didn’t like that his kiss with Kylie distracted attention from the reason he came to the awards. His career is gaining momentum, and he wants to allow it to thrive, to be judged based on his talent, not on who he’s dating or not dating,” said an insider. According to them, Kylie also wants to keep the relationship more private.

Many don’t believe in their relationship, thinking that they are needed by Chalamet for publicity ahead of the release of his new films.